The Werks

The Werks b&a

The Werks is a 20 unit condo built on a small site on West 7th Avenue, close to Cambie Street. Designed by Matthew Cheng, it replaces a parking lot that sat here for many years.

Before image 2011; after image 2014


Yukon and 11th

Yukon & 11th

The majority of rental housing in the City of Vancouver is protected, under current policy, from redevelopment. Only very small projects can now proceed, unless the replacement building is also a rental. However, that doesn’t apply in some zones and with small schemes and here’s an example where a massively altered ‘single family dwelling’ (which we bet was really used as unauthorised rental units) was rebuilt as two projects each with two stratified houses designed by Matthew Cheng Architects and completed in 2007.

Before image 2005; after image 2008