East Broadway and Fraser

Fraser & BroadwayNot all the new non-market housing is being built Downtown. Here’s an 8-storey newly built 103 unit building on East Broadway. Designed by Neale Staniskis Doll Adams it incorporates the Broadway Youth Resource Centre that had been located here previously. Initial plans for the BC Housing funded construction (on a site provided by the City of Vancouver) had 11 storeys, but this was reduced to better fit with the surrounding scale of development.


The Werks

The Werks b&a

The Werks is a 20 unit condo built on a small site on West 7th Avenue, close to Cambie Street. Designed by Matthew Cheng, it replaces a parking lot that sat here for many years.

Before image 2011; after image 2014


538 W7th 1

W T Leung designed this 51 unit condo project located on 7th Avenue just to the west of Cambie Street. The site sits between a non-market housing building, Glynn Manor, built over 10 years ago, and a commercial building that houses part of the Cancer Research Agency. Until a couple of years ago it was home to a car body repair business, Summer’s Auto Body, that hid behind a huge shrubbery.

Before image, 2011; after image 2014

Kits 360

Kits 360 1
Designed by Ramsay Worden, Kits 360 is a 250 unit condo project over a car dealership on Burrard Street just north of West Broadway. It replaces a low density car dealership built in 1986, and is part of a steady stream of new developments along Burrard Street with higher density multi-storey dealerships or new residential buildings.

Before images 2010; after images 2013

Kits 360 2

700 West 8th

700 W 8th

Some websites thought this building was called ‘Icon’ – but that was the construction company. Another Westbank project, 800 W8th was an ingeniously designed Henriquez Architects condo on the surface parking lot of the Holiday Inn on West Broadway. The ingenuity was squeezing such a huge building onto the site, and it was achieved by taking the shadow cast by the early 1970s hotel and shaping the condo tower to ensure it wasn’t any worse.

before image 2008; after image 2013

Sterling Place

Sterling Place

Sterling Place is in the Mount Pleasant industrial area, just off West Broadway and overlooking Jonathon Rogers Park. It’s located in an area where for many years there were homes – there are still several cluster of houses dating back a century or more nearby. On the east-west Avenues they’re slowly disappearing, being replaced by new industrial and commercial uses. Here’s an example where a small cottage has been replaced with a 5-storey industrial and office building, now being fitted out as a Production Studio by one of the city’s new media and entertainment companies.

before image 2009; after image 2011



Spruce is a condo building on West Broadway. Developed by Intracorp, and completed in the summer of 2011, we think it was the last building designed by Nigel Baldwin Architects. It has 49 strata units in ten storeys over retail on a very tight site, and replaced the Kearney Funeral Home which had been in this location for many years.

before image 2007: after image June 2013