East Broadway and Fraser

Fraser & BroadwayNot all the new non-market housing is being built Downtown. Here’s an 8-storey newly built 103 unit building on East Broadway. Designed by Neale Staniskis Doll Adams it incorporates the Broadway Youth Resource Centre that had been located here previously. Initial plans for the BC Housing funded construction (on a site provided by the City of Vancouver) had 11 storeys, but this was reduced to better fit with the surrounding scale of development.

South Creek Landing

South Creek Landing 1

This small corner site on Cambie Street (where the Cambie Bridge starts) used to hold a small ‘Chinese’ building built in 1987. It was last occuopied by a sushi restaurant, but before that it featured Korean cruisine.

South Creek Landing 2

Now Arno Matis has designed a 6-storey curved condo-over-retail building with some dramatic balcony details.

Before images, 2011; after images 2014.

The Flats – East Georgia Street

The Flats 1

The Flats is an innovative condo building on nine storeys on a 25 foot wide lot. It features concertina shutters on the façade that filter the light and allow residents to have greater privacy, and they add a dramatic yellow splash into an otherwise brick coloured street.

The Flats 2Designed by Birmingham and Wood (with UBC’s Inge Roecker) the site the building sits on had been vacant for at least a decade. The first building on the site was the house built by D J McPhalen back when East Georgia was still called Harris Street.

Before images, 2011; after images 2014.

Collection 45

Collection 45 change 1

As the name might suggest, there are 45 condo units in this 6-storey project in Mount Pleasant. Designed by GBL Architects, it includes a floor of commercial use that the architects have moved into themselves. It’s a simple colour palate of black and white; an alternative to the more colourful buildings that the same architects have been designing in the past few years.

It replaces a 2-storey office building from the early 1970s – one of the few spots where the zoning permits higher density residential development at the expense of a modest amount of commercial space.

Before image 2011; after image 2014