The Rolston

Rolston 1

Rolston is a 22 storey residential tower built between Granville Street and Rolston Crescent, a street that will eventually form part of a new street system where the Granville Street loops currently exist. The design emerged over a number of years and with the involvement of several different architectural companies – initially the Vancouver office of HOK, then Busby Perkins and Will and more recently IBI/HB. As part of the scheme the Yale Hotel, which has been around since 1889, was given a total restoration, with the City Of Vancouver responsible for finding an operator to run the restored SRO hotel upstairs.

Rolston 2

The main part of the tower – which will have a retail or restaurant use on the main floor – replaced the Cecil Hotel, a 1909 building whose architect seems to be unidentified. The building was re-worked when the 1954 version of the Granville Street Bridge (the one there today) left the main floor of the hotel with no way of having a doorway from the Granville Street frontage. Having been a hangout for some of the city’s thinkers (those who combined that activity as beer drinkers) in the early 1970s, the bar became more focussed on strip shows, becoming one of the last stripper bars in the Downtown until its closure.

Before images: 2010, after images 2013