Jameson House

Jameson 2

Foster + Partners long-awaited Jameson House on W Hastings Street was finally completed in 2011. The dramatic curved glass balconies and glazing, and the cantilevered portion of the building over the top of the restored heritage buildings on a tiny site are the sort of project you might find in New York, but never before in Vancouver.

The initial developers, Jameson, needed help from Bosa Properties to get the project completed, but the wait was worthwhile. The lower floors are office space (and retail) and the strata units start above the height of the 1913 Credit Foncier Building in the foreground – a skyscraper in its day for Vancouver. Walter Francl was the Associate Architect in Vancouver.

before images, 2005, 2007; after images 2010, 2011

Jameson 1