West Pender Place

West Pender Place 1

West Pender Place is – not surprisingly – located on West Pender Street, on the edge of Coal Harbour. The long narrow site has two towers, the taller 37 storeys high, designed by IBI/HB for Reliance Holdings. The angular folded origami design is unusual, and the blue glazing a variation on the more usual seafoam green – although Coal Harbour has other blue towers. The public art for the projects is a lighting feature built into the raw concrete vertical stripe of the elevator core.

before images 2006; after images 2011.

West Pender Place 2


Karis Place

Karis Place

Karis Place is another new non-market housing project completed in 2011. This one is in Downtown South, next to the Granville Street off-ramp (and the 40+ storey tower ‘The Mark’ has been built).

Karis Place, like the Pacific Coast Apartments and The Lux on Pender Street pre dates the ’12 sites’ agreement with BC Housing; so is in addition to those projects, and similarly built on land provided by the City of Vancouver. Like the 2009 Kindred Place to the south it was designed by Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams and is managed by the Mennonite Housing Society. It’s built to LEED Gold standard, and has a geothermal heating system (which caused a few problems for the underpinning of The Mark’s underground parking).

before image 2008: after image 2011