Capitol Residences

Capitol 1

The Capitol 6 Cinema on Seymour Street replaced in 2011 by Howard Bingham Hill’s 43 storey residential tower above facilities for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and new back of house space for the Orpheum Theatre. Check out the piano key entrance floor and music glazed screen on the VSO’s new music school.

before images 2003 and 2005; after images 2011

Capitol 2


Pacific Place Apartments

Pacific Coast Apartments

The Pacific Coast Apartments is one of fourteen projects for non-market housing funded by BC Housing on sites provided by the City of Vancouver. Designed by Davidson Yuen Simpson it replaces the Pender Ballroom – also known as the Pender Auditorium, once home to Grateful Dead concerts, which went up in flames in 2003. In between the fire and construction the site was temporarily a parking lot.

The new building now provides 96 units of housing, completed in early 2011 and managed by the Coast Foundation.

before image, 2001: after image 2011