YMCA and Patina

YMCA & Patina

Patina is a 42 storey condo tower above and behind the restored 1940 YMCA heritage building by McCarter and Nairne. The residential tower is by Endall Elliot and references the Electra building across the street in the shape of the tower. The YMCA facade was retained, a much bigger facility built behind it, and there’s a childcare centre with open space on the roof.

before image 2006; after image 2011


1005 Station Street

1005 Station 1

Altogether fourteen sites for new non-market housing were offered by the City of Vancouver for funding by the Provincial Government. This was the first to be completed, with 80 tenants moving in from January 2011. Although it has a Station Street address, it also fronts onto Main Street. All the schemes are designed to meet LEED Gold standards; this one is by Neale, Staniskis, Doll, Adams. The site was cleared for many years, altghough you can just see where a smaller 2-storey building used to stand on the southern end of the site.

Before images 2008; after images 2011

1005 Station 2