1 Kingsway

1 Kingsway

Busby and Associates designed this market rental housing for the City of Vancouver. It sits over the new Mount Pleasant library and next to the incredibly popular Community Centre that’s part of the same project and was completed early in 2010.

Used car lots and older commercial buildings are rapidly disappering in this area as it emerges as a hub of mid-rise residential buildings, often over a townhouse base.

Before image 2004; after image 2010.



Woodwards 1

Woodwards is known for the two massive condo towers with over 500 apartments, and another 200 units of non-market housing. On the Hastings side the brickwork of the original 1903 W T Whiteway building was tied to a new frame, with offices behind, while further west a new building houses SFU’s Arts Faculty with residential above. Inside the Henriquez Partners designed atrium is a huge artwork by Stan Douglas called Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971, with a recreation of the violent end to a Gastown clash between the police and counter-culture of the day. There’s a food store and London Drugs too.

before images 2003 and 2005; after images 2010

Woodwards 2



For the longest time Alto was a polluted gas station site, and once the nastier soils had been removed, a huge hole. Anthem Properties finally took on the site, and Howard Bingham Hill’s 14 storey project (each having 10′ ceilings) was completed in 2010.

before image 2008; after image 2010