1 Kingsway

1 Kingsway

Busby and Associates designed this market rental housing for the City of Vancouver. It¬†sits over the new Mount Pleasant library and next to the incredibly popular Community Centre that’s part of the same project and was¬†completed early in 2010.

Used car lots and older commercial buildings are rapidly disappering in this area as it emerges as a hub of mid-rise residential buildings, often over a townhouse base.

Before image 2004; after image 2010.



Woodwards 1

Woodwards is known for the two massive condo towers with over 500 apartments, and another 200 units of non-market housing. On the Hastings side the brickwork of the original 1903 W T Whiteway building was tied to a new frame, with offices behind, while further west a new building houses SFU’s Arts Faculty with residential above. Inside the Henriquez Partners designed atrium is a huge artwork by Stan Douglas called Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971, with a recreation of the violent end to a Gastown clash between the police and counter-culture of the day. There’s a food store and London Drugs too.

before images 2003 and 2005; after images 2010

Woodwards 2



For the longest time Alto was a polluted gas station site, and once the nastier soils had been removed, a huge hole. Anthem Properties finally took on the site, and Howard Bingham Hill’s 14 storey project (each having 10′ ceilings) was completed in 2010.

before image 2008; after image 2010