Safeway – Robson Street

Robson safeway 1

Kasian Architects replacement Robson and Denman Safeway store has a much more dramatic street presence than the cramped, tired, suburban box it replaced. The supermarket is on the second level, there are two banks and a few parking stalls on the main level, and the surface parking lot disappeared.

Before images 2007; after images 2009

Robson safeway 2


Kindred Place

Kindred Place

A provincially funded non-market housing project which now has a twin across the lane – although non-identical twins. Both run by the Mennonite Housing Society, Kindred Place was completed in 2009 and designed by Neale Staniskis Doll Adams. It has 87 self-contained units on 12 floors. Built on land provided by the city of Vancouver to meet the housing goals for the Downtown South area, it was a model for twelve more similar non-market housing projects across the city over the following few years.

Like many other Downtown South projects, it replaced some small and undistinguished commercial building.

before image 2007: after image 2009