H&H (Homer & Helmcken) is one of the shorter, squatter, bulkier Downtown South projects designed in this case by IBI/HB. The height is squeezed by one of the viewcones across the area – enough buildings have been finished now that an aerial photo quite clearly shows where they run. The building ran into a few difficulties when the developer was accused of selling the same unit to more than one person, pocketting two deposits, and after receivership the remaining units were sold off in 2008 once it was completed. It replaced a more substantial building than most of Downtown South sites had on them before redevelopment (which dated back to 1926).

Before image 2005; after image 2008


VGH Blusson Pavilion


The Blusson Pavilion, incorporating the ICORD Centre is one of a series of new buildings on the Vancouver General Hospital campus replacing tired buildings from the 1930s and 50s. Musson Cattell Mackey’s design for this Spinal Cord Injury research and treatment centre features a dramatic spiral ramp, a ‘spine’ glazed canopy and a glazing pattern that picks up the design of the 1950s Fairmont Medical Centre a block away. There’s also a new landscaped seating area beside the building

Before image 2006; after image 2008