Spectrum 1

From this angle Concord’s massive Spectrum project really fills this gap near BC Place Stadium. From here the James KM Cheng crayola coloured blocks on the tfour condo towers are barely visible, but from other angles they’re quite dramatic (for Vancouver).

There’s a fifth tower, Cosmo, that was added later. Originally intended for non-market housing, a complex land for building-rights swap allowed it to proceed as condos. This view is obviously very different now the new roof is completed on the stadium – and so too is the view from Spectrum. What’s invisible in this picture is the below-grade podium, a huge Costco store, with a parking sandwich between the store and the tower base. The view from the viaduct (while there still is a viaduct) changed a lot as well.

Many years ago there were rail tracks and industry under the viaduct, but all the project replaced was some surface parking.

Before images 2004; after images 2008

Spectrum 2