The Rise

The Rise

The Rise is an award winning mixed-use scheme on Cambie Street just north of Broadway. It includes some of the features that make development in Vancouver so unusual. For a start it has three floors of ‘big box’ retail which more usually in North America would be found sprawling in a sea of parking. Here the parking is underneath, then there’s a Save On Foods store on the bottom, a Home Depot (and some smaller stores and a bank wrapping round it) and then a Winners/Homesense store above that. And if that isn’t enough, there are 92 rental townhouses arranged around a courtyard over the top of the retail.

Designed for Grosvenor Estates by Nigel Baldwin and completed in 2008, the scheme takes up a full city block. Briefly Sports Mart were on the site, but before that the site was a car dealership, most recently Dueck who bought Paul Fong GM, although in the 1980s it was a Ford garage.

before image 2003; after image 2009


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